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On this page of my website, I will be describing the college i want to go to in the future, Stanford. Whether you are planning to go to Stanford also, or just want to learn some facts about the university, you've come to the right place.


Options at Stanford:
Where are you planning to live when enrolling in school at Stanford University?  If you are rolling in the dough, there are plenty of sororities or fraternities avaliable.  But if you're in money trouble like most college students, there are plenty of apartments availiable that i will explain later.  But before you decide where you're going to live, you better know what school and department you want to major in.  There are numerous Schools at Stanford (i.e. business, earth sciences, education, engineering, humanities and sciences, law, and medition), each with many departments within them.  If I make it into Stanford, I'd like to study in the civil and environmental engineering department, which is found in the engineering school.
          All in all, this is what i expected from a school like Stanford.  I thought there'd be many different schools and departments like there are at Stanford.  Also, I've found out that the engineering school at Stanford is very good, and that's why I'd like to go there.


If you are planning on going to Stanford, you better have plenty of money, or get some sort of a scholarship.  Just to attend Stanford, it’ll cost you a tuition fee of $30,000, and add on another $1,215 for books, so just to attend classes, it’ll cost you $31,215  If you are planning on staying at a fraternity/sorority, you better b ready to spend almost another $10 grand per year.  There are many nice apartments located near Stanford.  But it won’t be saving you any money, since a 500 square foot studio at Oak Creek Apartments costs about $1500 a month.  Also, you spend about another $1,770 on just personal costs.  And if your driving, a parking permit costs another $486, so if you are planning on coming to Stanford, you better start saving right away.


I had no idea a college could cost this much.  Almost $500 for a parking permit.  Wow!  Also, I never thought living expensives would be this high.  If I want to attend Stanford, I better start saving my allowance.


            If you are able to get into Stanford, which has the lowest acceptance rate of 9.2%, and if you are able to get your hands on enough money, going to Stanford has many benefits.  In 2003, the beginning salary for a Stanford graduate was a booming $107,320.  That’s not a bad salary to start out your life as.  Also, Stanford is ranking #5 in the rankings.  So no matter what job you apply for, having that Stanford degree will do nothing but help your status for the job.


      I did expect Stanford to be in the top 5 in the national rankings, but accually i thought they'd be more around three or four, but five is still very good.  I thought someone's beginning salary would be high, but not over $100,000.  I would be very happy with a salary like that, expecially for my first job.

Admission Requirements

            Trying to get into Stanford starts in your high school years.  If you ant to even have a chance of getting accepted, you better have at least a 4.0, and have high scores on both the SAT and ACT.  You’ll want to take as many AP (advanced placement) classes as possible to increase you chances.  If you believe you have to potential to be part of the Cardinal pride, there are many deadlines you will want to know of.  The deadline for applications for the Fall 2005 semester was December 1st, so you’ve missed out on that.  You’ve also missed out of the financial aid deadline, which was February 4th.  But if you are looking at next semester, you’ll want to check out Stanford’s undergraduate admission website.  If you are just looking for an application, it is available online.


        I didn't find anything too surprising while researching this subject.  I knew I need to have at least 4.0 to even get looked at.  I know this is going to be very challeging, but I believe I can do it.  I'm also planning on taking as many AP classes as possible.  That way, I'll have the best chance as i can get to get accepted. 

Getting Around

Getting to and around Stanford is primarily easy, since it is located near a major highway in Highway 101.  If you are coming on Highway 101, either north or south, you’d want to take the Embarcadero Road exit west toward Stanford. At El Camino Real, Embarcadero turns into Galvez Street as it enters the university.  If you are coming from any other way, you might want to check out Stanford’s directions website.  Also, getting around the Stanford campus doesn’t require to much energy, as there are plenty of parking lots, bike racks, and maps.


This is one subject I think is very important.  I don't want to

get lost.  That wouldn't be good.  But if I go there, I think I will be able to get around pretty easily.  Also, when I want to come home and visit family, all I have to do is jump on Highway 101.


While not in class, Stanford welcomes many events to its campus.  From film to dance to religious, there is always something to entertain you, no matter what your taste is.  Also, Stanford has one of the top sports program in the nation, name almost any sport, and there is a Cardinal team, including baseball, the best sport in the world.  All in all, you will never become bored while attending Stanford.

There sounds like there is plenty to do at Stanford.  Hopefully I'll be

spending all my time on the baseball diamond.  But if i don't, there are plenty events I can attend.

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